Mediaton for Health Care

People can reconcile their conflicts, even the most value-laden, through communication

Traditional methods of resolving conflicts in health care take time and resources, and put significant pressure on the people involved. As a result, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has become a widely accepted approach to settle disputes; but implementing an internal ADR system takes time and money. Benefit from cost-effective mediation services on an as-needed basis that are time efficient and less stressful for everyone involved.

Past Experience

Mediating conflicts between families, health care professionals, administrators, and patient rights advocates on topics from informed consent to palliative care.

The Benefits of ADR

Efficiency: ADR can help achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution in a matter of days rather than months or years, saving you the personal and financial burden of an ongoing conflict.

Conciliatory: ADR’s focus on person-to-person engagement addresses miscommunication and allows parties to feel heard, providing a platform for mutual understanding and respect.

Less stressful: Mediation is informal, and keeps control of the outcome in the hands of the participants. It does not involve the pressure of waiting on a third party to make a judgement, or being told what to do based on structured rules and procedures.

Confidential: Whatever happens in a mediation stays in a mediation.

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Julian G. Ferguson

Julian is designated with his Q.Med from the ADR Institute of Ontario and Canada, and holds a Dispute Resolution Certificate from York University. Julian has mediated between families, health care professionals, administrators, lawyers and patient rights advocates on conflicts throughout the health care spectrum, from informed consent to palliative care.

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